Jessica Briones

Ph.D Candidate

Team Member Since: April 2024

Jessica is a Filipina-American scientist passionate about advancing immunotherapy for solid tumor cancers. After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences from UC Davis, she immersed herself in CAR T cell research and pursued a Master’s degree under the mentorship of Dr. Wendell Lim. By leveraging synNotch receptors, she improved the ability of CAR T cells to precisely target brain tumors and avoid off-target toxicity. Eager to learn more about translational research, Jessica transitioned into industry and joined Lyell Immunopharma as a Senior Research Associate. There, she helped develop the Stim-R technology to enhance the function and persistence of CAR T cell products. Now, Jessica is a PhD student in the PBMS program and is thrilled to continue immune-tumor research under the guidance of Dr. Robert Eil. Outside of the lab, you can find Jessica at the bouldering gym or at a local coffee roaster.

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